What is .Net Protocol Builder?

No More TcpClient and TcpListener Problems, generate c# code for your tcp protocol
.Net Protocol Builder is a tool to generate TCP Protocol code in C#. Don't waste your time coding and debugging your protocol, this may take up to two months. Try .Net Protocol Builder for Free and generate your full TCP protocol code in minutes.

Why .Net Protocol Builder?

1- 100% pure managed code for your TCP protocol generated in C#.

2- Simple design, focus on your own data in the packet, Protocol Builder will do the structure of your packets (Start, End, ID, Type, Length ...).

3- Sophisticated Listener, Server Connection and Client Connection Classes, these are implementated using threads, mutexes and semaphores.

4-  Support for wide variety of types in the packet, this includes: string, DateTime, double, Int16, Int32, Int64, byte, UInt16, UInt32, UInt64 and byte[].

5- Built-in Protocol logger, this will keep a record of all events and all sent/received packets.

6- Generate your protocol Documentation with a click in .txt and .docx formats.

7- Save your protocol design in .apb file to amend it later and generate its code.

8- Faster time to market for your product.

9- Affordable price compared to time and efforts you would waste in building your own classes.

10- Using .Net Protocol Builder, you will have no more TcpClient, TcpListener, and NetworkStream Problems!

 Watch how .Net Protocol Builder can generate the whole C# code for your TCP protocol ...